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Ladies of Forget-Me-nots by WinterCookies Ladies of Forget-Me-nots by WinterCookies
So any constructive criticism would really be appreciated. There's just so many things I'm not sure about. :/

The bachelorettes of Harvest Moon AWL, AWLSE, and DS.
(Context, in AWL and ALWSE you play as a male farmer who has to marry and raise a family. The majority of the game focuses on raising the son to adulthood while maintaining a farm. xD)

Nami -- I have a feeling Nami would have the most interesting story in AWL. I also heard she steals money from your bank account every year to go to college. But probably not. xD

Lumina -- She's so adorable!!

Celia -- Probably the girl you're supposed to marry here. :/ She's by far the prettiest, but I've found her to be pretty simple... If you don't marry her, though, her personality eventually gets spicier. Supposedly she starts getting angry a lot and yells at Marlin. xD

Flora -- Why isn't she a marriage candidate in AWL? TwT
I really like this girl. In HMDS, I thought that her heart events were pretty well done. She seems to have a warm personality. :XD:

Muffy --Married her! :XD:
Currently in year 2 of Chapter 2. Her son is so adorable. xDD
Also couldn't get the coloring to look right for her...TwT

Which one is your favorite?

Paper Texture by ~nevermoregraphix
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